NCUB’s Council of Leaders welcomes the UK Government’s commitment to the development of a modern industrial strategy. Effective collaboration between universities and businesses should be at the heart of the strategy.

As we have shown through a series of Task Forces and evidence into Government Reviews, the openness and excellence of the UK research base is reflected in the attractiveness to UK and overseas firms as a place to do research and development as well as attract and develop the next generation of talent.

We call on the Government to place at the heart of the Industrial Strategy the following core recommendations:

1. Maintaining the excellence of the UK Research Base through long-term strategic commitments from the Government.
2. Extend the opportunities and benefits of university-business collaboration to all sizes of companies across all parts of the UK.
3. Further develop the incentives and rewards for collaborations between universities and businesses.
4. Develop consistent differentiated sector strategies to incentivise university-business interactions designed to match specific sectorial systems of innovation

We ask the Government to consider the following questions:

1. Will the Government designate a Minister responsible for delivery of the Industrial Strategy? And will the Government identify measures by which the success of this Strategy can be assessed?
2. How will the Government connect this Industrial Strategy with other Government Strategies in areas such as education and digital?
3. Why were tax and regulation not given more prominence in the Green Paper?
4. The focus of the strategy on sectors with established strong leadership supports incumbent sectors such as life sciences, banking, aerospace and automotive. But what of sectors that do not have strong leadership, perhaps because they are industries of the future? Will they be at a disadvantage?

Our membership of universities and businesses are committed to making the UK a strong, vibrant and resilient economy and stand ready to work with the Government to realise the ambitions of the Industrial Strategy.

The National Centre is renowned for creating programmes delivering real change by working closely with its members and partners throughout the UK. We facilitate leaders and experts in their fields to work together to identify and solve problems and have a proven track record of impact through both our projects and influencing government. We aim to find practical ways of harnessing talent developed in our universities and ground-breaking research and development for the benefit of the UK economy. We are developing a suite of digital tools that includes konfer which helps business find and connect to research and innovation opportunities in UK universities and BrandU which is a tinder-styled work experience app.

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