Euro Energy Solutions are an engineering company providing sustainable, clean and efficient energy solutions across a diverse range of applications, striving to reduce dependency on fossil fuels, improve energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Business Challenge

Euro Energy Solutions (EES) are establishing themselves as a sustainable energy systems integrator, providing low carbon power solutions for industrial and domestic markets.

They specialise in low temperature Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) technology and have developed a propriety modular stack comprised of components that can be manufactured entirely from mass manufacturing processes.

However, the business needed to embed a new capability for system integration and automation of Balance of Plant (BoP) systems for fuel cell stacks. EES needed new expertise and know-how to create the BoP and control system for a micro-CHP (Combined Heating and Power) prototype.

How did the University help?

Working with the University’s School of Engineering and Technology via a Knowledge Transfer partnership (KTP), EES designed and produced an automated demonstrator of fuel cell systems, with application to a range of products including micro-CHP. An expert system design suite was developed, that can take various application specifications and transfer them to a suitable package of control system, which can then be transferred to the control board of a given system.

The project also allowed EES to acquire the new expertise needed in control and health monitoring techniques to move to the next stage of product development and commercialisation.

Real business benefits

The KTP highlighted and identified areas for applications of EES’ fuel cell systems and provided new insights on other business opportunities, which included fuel cell testing for other companies and systems integration into a product, which is currently being developed for future use.

“EES is still young, and the KTP collaboration made possible the integration of knowledge and capability in our product development. The Associate and the University has a valuable input into the development of control for our products.”

Dr Claudia Pisac, Development Engineer – Euro Energy Solutions Limited

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