Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

2015 was the year by which FTSE 100 companies should achieve 25% female representation on their boards; a target set by Lord Davies’ Women on Boards Review. Not only was this target exceeded, but there are now no more male-only boards left.

Whilst this is a great success and an example of what companies can achieve in just four years, there is still an uphill battle to fight. In 2015, there weree only five female Chief Executives in the FTSE 100, and women accounted for only 17% of University Vice Chancellors.

It is clear that the UK is facing a talent crisis if women, who account for over half the workforce, are falling out the leadership pipeline before they get to the top and are often overlooked once they are there. This is a challenge for the whole of society, not simply the women who experience it, and needs to be addressed across sector, and across gender.


The video above formed a part of the National Centre for Universities and Business Women in Leadership Group. Chaired by Rona Fairhead, this group explored a new programme of activity. We hope that this work will contribute to the wider rhetoric on this issue, and demonstrate real and effective change within participating organisations by creating more inclusive and diverse climates that will bring more women through the pipeline into senior roles.

The group aimed to develop bold, practical actions to increase the number of women in leadership positions in both business and academia, using the strength of university-business collaboration. It focused on how educators and employers can develop the skills and attitudes in women that will empower them to be leaders, as well as examining ways to bring about the culture change that is needed in UK organisations to ensure progress is made. 

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