What is Talent 2050?

What is Talent 2050?

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NCUB has commissioned Talent 2050: Engineering skills and education for the future – a UK-wide study looking to inform thinking on the needs of our engineering and digital education and skills systems into the middle of the century.

Phase 1 of the project looked at the issues around current and future engineering skills development and a report of its findings is available here.

For Phase 2 of the project, we ran a series of workshops across the country looking at how technological change will affect and shape our future engineering skills needs.

Final Talent 2050 report

Skills shortages and a lack of diversity in UK engineering can be overcome with a new approach by thinking about recruiting from a ‘reservoir of talent’ which is ready to learn, rather than the existing ‘leaky pipeline’.

To drive innovation, productivity and economic growth the UK needs to prepare for the skills challenges of the coming decades. Through workshops and a rapid evidence assessment, the Talent 2050 final report explores future engineering needs in the UK for a globally-competitive skills and diversity mix.

The report recommendations consider the broader skills required in engineering roles of the future. They suggest a more inclusive approach where recruitment or enrolment is based on the potential to gain the right skills rather than prior attainment; and with careers expected to be longer recognising and providing support for upskilling and reskilling; and making use of on-line learning tools at all career stages.

The Talent 2050 project was supported by Barclays, LSBU, NATS and Pearson.


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