Safeguarding the Future

Safeguarding the Future

This year’s State of the Relationship report witnessed an impressive number of case studies concerning the role that both universities and businesses can play in safeguarding the future of the UK and the wider world.

But while sustainability isn’t perhaps the first thought that comes to mind when considering university-business collaboration, it’s clear from the pieces in this section that both universities and businesses can have a deep impact on the way the world will look in the near and distant future.

The Safeguarding the Future collection also has a clear overlap with the skills, place and innovation sections, where those agendas are forming bigger pictures around what we need for a future, and what that future could look like in real, practical terms. You’ll find pieces concerning the future of specific areas, such as the role of the University of Hull and the Energy Estuary. The University of Warwick are embedding student internships in recycling technology firms to ensuring skills development. And the ‘lean and green’ R&D taking place between Loughborough and Rolls-Royce works towards meeting international emissions targets.

There are impressive examples of collaboration specifically aimed at ensuring sustainable resources, whether that’s energy for the future by Jisc, London South Bank University and the University of York; water access and quality by the University of Brighton and Cranfield University; or sustainable products from the collaborations of Interface and the University of Bath.

But we can also see the application of existing sector-specific knowledge for a purpose other than which it was intended: Aon are using their insurance expertise to increase resilience to the risks of climate change: UCL are working with IBM technology to secure and protect knowledge for future benefit: the University of Birmingham are transforming business practices to embed responsibility into the industry: and LSE are exploring the decision making process of the financial market system to determine how to safeguard it from reoccurring issues.

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Shaping and sustaining the future - Research England 
Shaping the future


Design expertise strengthens UK markets - Design Council
Design Council


A triple helix partnership - Unviersity of York
Unviersity of York case study


Keeping commuters cool and communities warm - London South Bank University
Keeping commuters cool


Recycling Technologies - a scalable solution to the problem of plastic waste - University of Warwick
Keeping commuters cool


Interface connects innovation partners for sustainability - Interface


Wastewater innovation for a sustainable future - Cranfield University


The Energy Estuary: shaping the future of offshore wind - Univeristy of Hull


Improving water quality in the River Medway - University of Brighton


Towards a sustainable alternative to palm oil for food, fuels and beyond - University of Bath


Transcribe Bentham hackathon - UCL


Iceland’s energy powers cheaper and greener scientific research - Jisc


Loughborough University and Rolls-Royce: a powerful partnership - Loughborough University


Transforming responsible business practice - University of Birmingham
Birmingham University case study


Supporting a resilient financial market system - LSE


A networked partnership to tackle climate risk - AON


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