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Students need work experience: research shows undergraduates with work experience are more likely to be employed, have increased confidence, attain better classifications of degree, and get a better job faster.

Developed in consultation with businesses, Placer is an innovative platform set to diversify and increase the number of university students gaining work experience. Using the latest technology, through employer dashboards and student screens, Placer connects employers offering quality opportunities with students. 

Placer enables...

  • Students to improve their employment prospects by developing the skills they need to be work-ready when they graduate
  • Employers to benefit from a pool of student talent and get to meet their recruits of the future
  • Universities and colleges to offer the best work experience placements to students to help them develop job-specific skills alongside their studies and improve their chances of employability
  • Innovation in work experience: varying lengths – a day, a week, a month, a year
  • Universities to co-brand and promote the app as their own. 
  • Integration with employer recruitment workflows, or allows direct contact
  • Skills badges providing credits for key skills earned through work experience

What are people saying? 

“Manchester Metropolitan University is committed to the success of our students. Access to high quality work experience has a key role to play and we welcome the introduction of Placer and the benefits it will bring to our students.” 

Mark Diggle, Director of Careers & Employability Services at Manchester Metropolitan University

“We recognise the many benefits to be gained through increasingly closer collaboration between employers and universities, particularly for students. Placer has the potential to break down barriers for students in accessing high-quality and impactful work experiences, while allowing employers to better meet and invest in their future workforce." 

Kelwyn Looi, Special Projects, Pearson

“As we look to innovate in the area of work experience, Placer’s attractive, simple and effective mobile app will help us reach a broader set of universities and widen student participation across the UK." 

Stephanie Bishop,  Head of Graduate and Apprentice Recruitment, CAP Gemini

Who is behind Placer?

Placer is a partnership of the National Centre for Universities and Business; a leading provider of tech services to the HE sector, Jisc; and student accommodation leader, Unite Students.

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