People and Wellbeing

People and Wellbeing

At the heart of any successful collaboration lies people. Teams, colleagues, clients and partners, working together to exchange knowledge, ideas and skills, playing a role in a piece bigger than themselves or their organisations.

Yet while the value of people as a resource is long-established, there is growing awareness in the role of well-being, and the value that people can bring to productivity and innovation.

In much the same way as the place agenda, a section on people is hard to determine; all collaborations occur in a place, and all collaborations involve some people. Instead, this section concerns the more specific focus on the role of people and their mental well-being to the organisations they exist within, and the wider concern of the physical well-being of whole populations.

Plymouth University are tackling the fight against anti-biotic resistance: a collaboration with global impact, while the University of South Wales explore the innovative technology developed to safeguard the vision of children. The University of Dundee, AstraZeneca, the University of Oxford, the University of Huddersfield and Bournemouth University are all doing exceptional work in the advancement of specific medical treatments which have the capability to revolutionise the lives and life-expectancies of patients.

Concerning mental-wellbeing, we aren’t solely concerned with mental health, but also confidence built through skills and training, involvement in community outreach, and mobility and progression in the work place. These aspects are covered in the collaborations of Sage and KPMG, who are looking at the concept of life-long learning and the benefits of upskilling. The University of Portsmouth is working with the British Army to develop a degree apprenticeship to promote values and expertise in leadership. Similarly, the Royal Academy of Engineering explores the role of mobility in progressing expertise and careers, while City, the University of London, consider the role of social enterprise in fostering community relationships.

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An army of apprentices - University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth case study.


City’s Social Enterprise Festival: Meet people. Solve problems. Change lives. - City, University London

Social Enterprise Festival


Digital skills education for the 4th Industrial Revolution - Sage

Sage case study


Building a Civil Service fit for the 21st Century - KPMG

Sage case study


Enhancing relationships and enabling mobility between universities and business - Royal Academy of Engineering

Sage case study


A new class of medicine - University of Dundee

Sage case study


Delivering innovation in healthcare through creative collaboration models - AstraZeneca

Sage case study


Using gaming to check vision - University of South Wales

Sage case study


Improving the lives of people with diabetes - University of Oxford


At the forefront of fighting antibiotic resistance - University of Plymouth


Innovation vouchers kick-start global cancer initiative - University of Huddersfield


Orthopaedic care prospers under Bournemouth University - Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University case study


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