Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships


Degree apprenticeships are a hot topic among both employers and universities. With the clock ticking down on the first Apprenticeship Levy funds and the policy landscape ripe with amendments, reviews and restrictions, interest continues to rise.

The advent of the Apprenticeship Levy has disrupted traditional recruitment and training practices. Employers are taking greater ownership of how and who they collaborate with to find and develop talent. But opportunities to access apprentices for SMEs and supply chains remains problematic and restrictions on standards and funding are stifling not enabling talent development.

What are degree apprenticeships?

Co-designed by employers and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), these new programmes involve a combination of vocational and higher education learning, in which both academic and occupational proficiencies are tested, and for which the attainment of a degree is an integral part of the course.

The National Centre’s Briefing Paper on Degree Apprenticeships offers insights into how they are organised, the reasons for their development and the sectors in which they are most prominent.

What is the National Centre for Universities and Business doing in this area?

Degree apprenticeships require close collaboration between universities and business to co-create new talent solutions that meet the needs of both learners and employers. We have been speaking to member universities and businesses that are currently engaging with degree apprenticeships to better understand the challenges and benefits as well as the wider implications for employers’ talent acquisition and development programmes, and the consequences, intended or otherwise, for universities and their graduates. 

Drawing on interviews with members of the National Centre, NCUB has published the report 'Degree Apprenticeships: Impacts, Challenges and Future Opportunities' considering the emerging effects that the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017 is having on employer and provider practices including addressing and promoting social mobility.

Listed below, we’ve gathered the latest research, case studies and opinion around the topic of degree apprenticeships. If you would like to contribute please email

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