Ecosystem Builders Outputs

Ecosystem Builders Outputs

Stage one

The outputs of stage one of the "Entrepreneurial University Ecosystems" project are:

The steering group has agreed conceptual models of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will be tested in stage two.

In addition, the steering group has considered the scale and range of the challenge of conducting a deep dive evidence collection on the London ecosystem. They have agreed to conduct scoping studies in advance of commissioning a deep dive, to mitigate some risks and expand understanding of issues and methodologies.

Stage two

The second step is commissioning scoping studies:

  • A quantitative study on the scale and nature of the opportunity, including sectors or areas where universities’ wider ecosystem activity is particularly vibrant in London.
  • Three studies on specific and contrasting technology sectors (pharmaceuticals therapeutics, fashion and fintech) will be undertaken to test the models and expand understanding of appropriate methodologies.

The steering group plans to host an event in 2020 to compare its work on ecosystems with an international comparator, and would welcome participation from other UK ecosystem builder projects.

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