Anglia Ruskin commended for boosting business

Anglia Ruskin commended for boosting business

Ruskin12Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus project receives plaudits at national awards for enterprise

A project that will create one of the world’s largest health innovation spaces, resulting in 12,500 new jobs in Essex, has been highly commended by judges in the Improving the Business Environment category at the Enterprising Britain Awards 2015.

The Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus project is a partnership between Anglia Ruskin University and local authorities in Chelmsford, Harlow and Southend. Using 120 acres of land across three sites in each of these locations, local, national and international medical technology businesses will all be able to use state-of-the-art facilities for research and development. Working together in one place will allow businesses to share ideas and tap into the expertise offered by academics at Anglia Ruskin University.

The project was launched in 2012 and incorporates Anglia Ruskin's Postgraduate Medical Institute, the MedBIC (Anglia Ruskin Business Innovation Centre for Medical and Advanced Engineering) and its MedTech Low Carbon Innovation Programme.

Anita Thornberry, Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus Director, said:

"We are extremely pleased that the Government has recognised the value of the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus project, not just to Chelmsford, Harlow and Southend but to the UK medical technology sector as a whole, which could benefit to the tune of £1.2billion.

"As a nation, we are having to solve the health problems that come with an ageing population whilst finding savings to healthcare budgets. The only way we can do this is by innovation and collaboration, and that is what the Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus is all about."

Anglia Ruskin's subsidiary company, Ixion Holdings, also helped North Tyneside Council win the Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit award with its involvement in the council's Business Factory project.

The Enterprising Britain Awards 2015 celebrate the work being done up and down the country to grow the UK economy. They are managed by Young Chamber Ltd (YCUK) on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

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Anglia Ruskin commended for boosting business

Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus project receives plaudits at national awards for enterprise

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