A long and enduring partnership with e2v

A long and enduring partnership with e2v

Nottsuni-SoR-IntroA long-standing collaboration between The University of Nottingham and e2v has resulted in significant benefits for both organisations.

e2v is a global provider of innovative and diverse technologies for high performance equipment. Employing over 1,750 people, it operates across a range of sectors, including aerospace, defence, healthcare and medicine, science, space, and industrial applications. e2v’s technologies are used at the cutting edge of science - its image sensors were used on the recent NASA New Horizons mission, where they took the first close up photographs of Pluto.

e2v’s work with The University of Nottingham has been wide reaching over many years, including partnerships with Physics, Power Electronics, Process Engineering and Nottingham University Business School.

One of the longest established partnerships between the University and e2v is in Microwave Process Engineering. The group’s R&D activities identify new potential commercial opportunities that could be realised using microwave power, and by working alongside e2v from the outset, the risk in adoption of these new technologies can be reduced by approaching end-users with a more complete package.

A recent opportunity arising from this partnership saw e2v working with the University on a major project focusing on the development of a market leading industrial microwave generator for use in industrial processing. This is part of e2v’s efforts to create increasingly reliable hardware to support industrial microwave processes.

The project, known as CoGenT (from Compact GENerator Technology), was funded by Innovate UK, and was based on the identified needs of industry for higher performance microwave generators but with lower capital costs. It involved the RF Power division at e2v and the Power Electronics Machines and Control group at Nottingham. The project successfully delivered against its goals, confirming that the technology was very suitable for its intended role.

Within the School of Physics, e2v also has a purpose-built cleanroom which house an e2v semiconductor fabrication facility which is used for the manufacture of microwave semiconductor devices. The collaboration with Physics has also developed in several directions, some of which were pre-planned, and others, such as the collaboration in the area of Quantum Technology, which have come out of both e2v and the University being able to exploit complementary capabilities.

Dr George Baxter, Director of Business Engagement and Innovation Services, University of Nottingham said:

“Our partnership with e2v is a great example of how, by working closely together, both industry and universities can reap great benefits. Through our collaboration with e2v we have been able to take our research into different directions and have also been able to find new solutions to some of the pressing challenges facing businesses.”

Speaking about the benefits of the collaboration, Dr. Paul John, Technologist – Future Programmes, at e2v, said:

“We have benefitted tremendously from the close and wide-ranging partnership that we have established with The University of Nottingham. Over the years, e2v and the University have worked together successfully on numerous projects and have gained a great understanding of each other’s needs and requirements. I think that one of the great advantages of our partnership with Nottingham is that we work together as one team to solve problems, and this has helped us to develop many exciting new technologies.”

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A long and enduring partnership with e2v

A long-standing collaboration between The University of Nottingham and e2v has resulted in significant benefits for both organisations.

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