State of the Relationship Report 2019

State of the Relationship Report 2019

This is the National Centre for Universities and Business' sixth annual assessment of the health of collaborative partnerships. The State of the Relationship is an exploration and celebration of the achievements made when universities and business come together to innovate and provide social and economic benefits.


Author: The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB)

Publication: 19 June 2019



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The 2019 State of the Relationship report looks to the future. As we work towards ambitious targets, under reformed frameworks, and with new partners and agencies, we have a vital role as changemakers. Individuals within our member businesses and universities are working to build a post-Brexit UK which is sustainable; both in what we achieve, and the skills needed.

The winds of change are not new to 2019 but bring with them many challenges and opportunities. The overall statistics around the percentage of income received by universities from business, and the number of graduates employed in innovation active sectors, signal a note of caution. Our business and universities members are working together to drive change: spark ideas and envision a brighter future. But clearly we need to do more.

The case-studies, evidence, analysis and thought leadership within this report all consider how to do things differently. How the role of higher education is adapting to the new realities. How to understand the value of an idea and to use it to leverage investment. How to best balance geographies and sectors to achieve more for all.

By working differently and exploring the ways in which universities and business work together, their commonalities outweighing their differences, we can better understand the direction of travel for the UK and steer its course.

Relationships and partnerships are crucial. They are the currency on which our sectors operate and are vital for Britain’s competitiveness in a globalised world. The changemakers who collaborate are building a more innovative, productive and inclusive future for the UK.




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