Response to the Government’s R&D Roadmap Consultation

Response to the Government’s R&D Roadmap Consultation

The Government recognises that research and development (R&D) has a fundamental role to play in recovering from Covid-19, as well as shaping a greener, healthier and more resilient UK in the future. The R&D roadmap describes a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our global position in research and drive an innovative economy.

This paper represents NCUB’s submission to the R&D roadmap consultation and should contribute, along with evidence and recommendations from NCUB’s R&D Taskforce, to the forthcoming Government R&D plan. NCUB’s central response is that realising the important and bold ambitions of the R&D roadmap requires the Government to view business as an integral partner of the UK’s research and innovation system. Business spend on R&D accounts for 54% of total UK R&D spend and realising the Government’s target of spending 2.4% of GDP on R&D by 2027 would require businesses to spend £18 billion more on R&D annually. The forthcoming Government R&D plan must take full account of the range of factors that affect the operating environment of R&D performing industries (including large corporates and start-ups) and their contribution to the impact agenda. This includes human, physical and financial capital, regulation, fiscal policy, infrastructure and trade policy.  

Driving forward the UK’s strong position in research and innovation can only be facilitated through persistent efforts to improve the many ways in which the academic and business worlds bring benefit to one another. Against this background, the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) was launched in April 2013, and works together with member universities and businesses to achieve growth and prosperity.  Uniquely in the UK, the National Centre focuses exclusively on understanding and improving the relationship between businesses and universities. 

To read the NCUB's consultation response see here: pdf RD roadmap consultation response (254 KB)

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