Newcastle University

Newcastle University

At Newcastle University, we have always focused on academic excellence and the impact of our academic work. Today, these long-held ideals are more relevant than ever. They define our vision for the University – the kind of university we wish to be.

Read our mission statement and find out about the values we are committed to.

Our strategic plan

The University's vision is supported by a strategic plan, articulated in Vision 2021- A World-Class Civic University.

Vision 2021 sets out the strategic objectives we aim to achieve by 2021. It outlines the core principles and values that guide how we will work together as a University towards these goals.

Internationalisation strategy

Our Internationalisation Strategy underpins our aim to be a world-class civic university. It intends to foster a culture receptive to interaction across the world and cross-cultural understanding, engaging all types of staff and students.

The value of universities

Universities provide the building blocks for a successful society.

At Newcastle we seek to address some of the key global societal issues through our research in three areas:

  • ageing
  • social renewal
  • sustainability

Find out more about our societal challenge themes.

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New role to strengthen links between Newcastle University and the community

Newcastle University’s first Dean of Engagement and Place will help Newcastle University create stronger local partnerships.