State of the Relationship 2014 Launched

State of the Relationship 2014 Launched

On Monday 14th April NCUB launched the first of our annual ‘State of the Relationship’ reports with an event at One Great George Street in Westminster, London and packed with top representatives from the business and academic worlds.

You can see some of the comments from the discussion groups in the best tweets from the evening below. Watch the event. 

State of the Relationship 2014 lays out the current nature of collaboration between universities and business in the UK gathering together expert views from both sectors, analysis of existing evidence, and nearly forty case-studies of successful collaborations.

"Collaboration is hard but the more you keep at it the more it will work. How you foster it is key." David Docherty

The launch event opened with a short film summarising NCUB’s first year before Chief Executive, David Docherty introduced the report. In his remarks David highlighted the multiplicity of relationships between universities and business across a whole range of sectors but that barriers remained, pointing to a lack of understanding amongst some small businesses as to how universities worked and among universities about the rapid pace of change in business. He said that "collaboration is hard but the more you keep at it the more it will work. How you foster it is key." David also voiced his plan for the next State of the Relationship report to contain more original research and asked for input as to what the audience would like to see.

David Sweeney, Director of Research, Innovation and Skills at HEFCE spoke next, congratulating NCUB on creating a report that was packed full information and would be an aid to entrepreneurial academics. Following the event he said “This report makes it crystal clear that universities play a critical role in a successful economy and a vibrant society.”

Alan Hughes, NCUB Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Business Research spoke about some of the interesting evidence based aspects of the report including from his piece ‘Hunting the Snark’ which makes the case that it is impossible to identify those small businesses that will grow ahead of time and that instead we should work to create a system that allows such firms to thrive.

After the speeches came a panel discussion featuring Ann Morrison, Director of the BBC Academy, Dame Julia King, Vice-Chancellor of Aston University, and Dr Malcolm Skingle, Director of Academic Liaison at GlaxoSmithKline, chaired by NCUB Director of External Affairs, Aaron Porter.

Finally, all attendees then took part in small discussion groups and shared their thoughts from this exchange of ideas.

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