University of Hull

University of Hull

Almost everyone in the modern world is touched by the University of Hull on a daily basis.

"Our knowledge is your business."

The first stable liquid crystals were developed in Hull’s chemistry laboratories, a breakthrough which earned the University the Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement and ultimately led to the modern-day displays on smart phones, TVs and computer screens we all now take for granted.

The bone density scanner, which revolutionised the detection of osteoporosis, also emerged from University endeavours in Hull. The University continues to play a leading role in driving business innovation and prosperity. Enterprise derived from its research and expertise remains a frontline commitment.

In December 2008 the Duke of Edinburgh opened the University’s Enterprise Centre, which has gone on to help establish more than 120 new businesses. Business Secretary Dr Vince Cable MP described the special relationships it has formed with the region’s leading entrepreneurs as ‘unique’ and ‘pioneering.’

The University has a proud history as a research-engaged and innovative institution, bringing internationally-relevant expertise to the benefit of its region, where it is a respected ‘anchor’ institution. Its innovative capability is acknowledged; its commitment to playing a full and active role in ensuring economic success for its communities is stronger than ever.

A recent Customer First inspection described its business interface as ‘inspiring.’ It has worked hard in recent years with key partners to create a whole new industry based on the Humber’s geographic importance to the exploitation of offshore wind. Across a breadth of disciplines the University is playing its part. Our knowledge is your business.

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