University of Portsmouth

University of Portsmouth

Our roots go back to 1869. We have grown in size and strength creating and sharing success with our students, staff, community and society.

The University is at the heart of Portsmouth and we have a strong commitment to our regional community, and particularly to the city, embedded in our strategy. This commitment is longstanding, at least since the opening of the Municipal College in 1908. Our economic, social and cultural contributions range from being one of the largest employers in the city, to the value our highly skilled graduates add in professional roles in our schools, health and justice services, businesses, local authorities and charities.

Some contributions have a measurable economic impact: we have invested over £100 million in buildings and resources in the last decade, we have an annual turnover of £175 million and our 22,000 students study, live and spend in the city. Other work adds benefits in different ways, such as: improving the city environment by sharing expertise in urban design; students volunteering in local charities, schools and hospitals; encouraging enterprise and innovation and promoting a greater public understanding of science through lectures, schools visits, events and press comment.

Over 60% of research submitted by the University to REF2014 is rated as world-leading and internationally excellent. In two subject areas respectively - Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, and Physics - 90% and 89% of all research submitted was rated as world leading and internationally excellent.  In seven out of the 15 units of assessment we submitted, the impact of our research is rated as outstanding and very considerable in terms of both its reach and significance.

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Unlocking growth opportunities through business-university collaboration

At the University of Portsmouth, we want to show businesses what the opportunities are and how they can take advantage of them to grow.

Successful entrepreneurs invest in degree apprenticeships

In recognition of the company's hard work and success, Pearl Fit-Out became Business Enterprise Ambassadors of the University of Portsmouth.

An army of apprentices

The British Army is offering its soldiers the chance to study for a university degree in management and leadership, delivered by the University of Portsmouth.

Forensic Innovation Centre: a unique collaboration between Hampshire Constabulary and the University of Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth has joined forces with Hampshire Constabulary to lead the country in forensic science research, practice and police work.