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Open University

The Open University is a global leader in flexible higher education. Our unique experience honed from working with over 30,000 organisations, helps 250,000 people develop higher skills every year.

For over 40 years, The Open University has developed an unrivalled expertise in how adults learn and apply that knowledge at work. We specialise in ‘practice-based learning’ which enables your staff to embed new ways of working from day one – not just at the end of their studies.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain high level skills. The quality of our learning materials and support we provide means that our students can succeed whatever their starting point.

Our scale enables us to train around 250,000 students every year, including over 16,000 overseas. Many companies choose to work with us to roll-out programmes across multiple sites for a consistent learning experience. Our capability allows organisations to grow the graduates they need, fix skills gaps and put into place leadership succession plans.

Key facts about The Open University:
  • Nearly 1,000 companies have been sponsoring their staff on OU courses for over ten years.
  • 80% of the FTSE100 companies have sponsored staff on OU courses.
  • The Open University Business School is in the elite 1% of business schools that are triple-accredited worldwide and has a global alumni network of more than 89,000 people in over 100 countries.
  • We offer over 600 courses in 14 subject areas spans across leadership and management, STEM subjects, IT, health, education and law.
  • Our main campus in Milton Keynes is home to world-leading research and our research specialisms include learning technologies, big data, space technologies, materials engineering and sustainable development.
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Business partnership with The Open University and video company

Executive Interviews embarked on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which link a business with an academic or research organisation and a graduate, with the Open University.

Lifelong learning key to plugging skills shortages

New employees need transferable skills to adapt to the changing needs of the organisation and to fill any shortages that may arise in future.

Degree apprenticeships: the Youthforce case study

Open University's Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship was the perfect fit Youthforce to develop 'all-rounders' who can understand the small business end-to-end.

The state of UK skills

The Open University Business Barometer shows that employers are spending £4.4 billion a year to recruit workers with the skills they need.

How the OU’s degree apprenticeships put quality at the top of the agenda

The Open University’s apprenticeships help address skills gaps in key areas, including digital, management, social work and nursing.

The Open University’s Stress Mapping expertise is helping worldwide industry design against failure

The life and safety of engineered structures for aerospace and power generation applications can be compromised, or enhanced, by (hidden) residual stresses developed during manufacture and service.

Open University create qualification for ACAS

The Open University (OU) worked closely with Acas to create a unique qualification that not only provides its helpline staff with additional knowledge and expertise, but also assists them to take more responsibility for their own development.

Distance learners deserve a community and it is important for universities to help develop one

Rachel MacLeod discusses the issues met with distance learners and the reason why it's important to address it.

No room for sloppiness in online classroom

Academics who run Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can’t afford narrow perspectives when teaching to a global audience.

Promoting knowledge exchange in the space industry

The OU is home to the Centre of Electronic Imaging (CEI) in collaboration with e2v, a leading global provider of technology solutions