HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations.

Its international presence covers both established and faster growing markets across Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, North Africa, North America and Latin America. It has offices across more than 80 countries and territories, serving a customer base of around 55 million. This ensures they are well positioned for long-term sustainable growth and to make a positive contribution to the environment and communities in which it operates.

Across the world, economic growth is bringing new prosperity. Businesses are pioneering new trade routes and new centres of wealth and influence are emerging. HSBC is inspired by these changes and the opportunities they bring for its business, its employees and its customers. The best and brightest people are also excited by this progress. These are the people HSBC are looking to connect with, because these people will help shape its future.

HSBC has a proud history built on its values, which are reflected in everything it does. Its values are: to be open to different ideas and cultures, dependable in having the courage to make decisions based on doing the right thing without compromising its global standards and the integrity on which it is built and to be connected to its customers, communities, regulators and each other. HSBC expects all its employees to display these values.

HSBC recruits students and graduates into many areas of its organisation, providing them with the opportunity to learn, think and develop through experiences gained within a leading international bank. At every turn employees are able to build their professional network, making connections within their office and across the world and contribute to the long term growth and success of the bank.

Wherever a graduate’s journey with HSBC starts they’ll learn many new things, challenge their own perceptions and discover new skills while achieving a very rewarding career.

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