Creating a better connected, more innovative nation.

Cisco is shaping a brilliant future for its employees, customers, partners and the UK and Ireland.

Cisco is at the forefront of a technology revolution that is changing the way we live, work, learn and play. Cisco helps customers solve their most important business challenges with its world-leading technology. Cisco works with organisations of all kinds - from the biggest corporations to the most agile entrepreneurs and from Olympic organising committees through to government - to help change their world today, tomorrow and into the future.

Cisco has been a cornerstone of UK and Ireland industry for more than two decades.

Cisco’s success in the UK & Ireland is built on four key pillars:

  1. Solving its customers’ biggest challenges today, tomorrow and into the future
  2. The Internet of Everything, a vision of an ever-more connected world
  3. The drive to champion and foster innovation and ambition on these shores
  4. A belief in a brilliant business future both for Cisco itself and for the UK & Ireland

In isolation, each of these strands helps to define Cisco by virtue of the value it provides to its customers, partners and people. Together, they demonstrate Cisco’s deep focus on helping the UK become a better connected, more innovative nation.

Being a successful IT company in today’s market is dependent on many factors. Chief amongst these are innovation, vision and deep customer understanding. For Cisco, its relentless focus on becoming the world’s number one IT company means providing its customers with a range of ways to capitalise on a world brimming with opportunity.

In the UK, Cisco is the trusted partner for enterprises and organisations of all kinds. From industry leaders such as Tesco and BP through to many large government departments and small, agile SMEs like Hummingbird Bakery, Dunster House and more, Cisco serves a wide range of customers with an equally broad selection of products and services.

Cisco differentiates itself through its four customer-focused technology architectures, all of which outline a clear way to tackle the business challenges that a modern enterprise faces:

  • Collaboration: employees today want the ability to work anywhere, and employers need their teams to work collaboratively around the globe. Designed from the ground up, Cisco give customers the tools, technology and infrastructure to enable efficient and world-class collaboration. Built around the company’s strength in intelligent networks, Cisco’s collaboration portfolio is the most open, secure and comprehensive in the industry
  • Networking: the modern enterprise is defined by the applications it uses and the information it holds. This means helping businesses scale their networks to deal with today’s data-rich, bandwidth-intensive applications and services. From mobility to cloud, Cisco helps customers understand and solve these challenges.
  • Data Center & Virtualization: Cisco’s historical focus on the network and its vast experience gives it an considerable advantage when it comes to network-driven, cloud-enabled services of the kind now being routinely deployed by its customer organisations
  • Security: Underpinning everything that Cisco delivers for its customers is an approach to security that focuses just as heavily on delivering the right user experience as it does on providing a secure environment. Integrated at a network level, Cisco’s Security architecture makes it easy for customers to scale security policies across multiple device types and locations

Talented and innovative Cisco people make amazing things happen by connecting the unconnected. They work closely with businesses, communities and society as a whole. For example, we created the British Innovation Gateway to champion passionate and ambitious startups and we work closely with Network Academies that prepare the next generation of IT people.

Building a brilliant business future is not just about providing the economic impetus for Cisco to succeed in the UK – it also encompasses the wider contribution that Cisco makes to the UK & Ireland and the legacy commitments it delivers as part of its programmes. As the Official Network Infrastructure Supporter for London 2012 and the upcoming Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Cisco has irrefutably demonstrated that it can be trusted to deliver secure, scalable networks on the grandest of stages. From the high-speed transmission of mission-critical Games data, to the digital platforms that take the Games to the world, Cisco is helping to make these mega-sports events connected and inclusive. In doing so we are taking the next step in a journey that has seen Cisco become increasingly ingrained in the fabric of Britain economically, academically and socially.

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