Centrica is a top 30 FTSE100 company operating predominantly in the UK and North America.

Our vision is to be the leading integrated energy company, with customers at our core.

We are active at every stage in the energy chain; our worldwide workforce of over 40,000, help us to source, generate, process, store, trade, save, service and supply energy to homes and business in our chosen markets.  Our aim is to meet our customers’ energy needs and deliver long-term value to our shareholders.

Our International Downstream business saves and supplies energy and related services, through British Gas in the UK and Direct Energy in North America.

Our International Upstream business, Centrica Energy, delivers shareholder value and energy security through a balanced mix of gas and oil production, power generation and energy trading.

Centrica Storage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Centrica, operates over 70% of the UK’s gas storage capacity.

Integrated energy is what we do.

It means constantly exploring new ways to source, procure and generate an affordable supply of energy.

It means integrating innovation and technology into the home, giving our customers access to energy and services, whenever they need it.

It means working with governments, regulators and partners to make the right things happen at the right time.

Most important of all, it means empowering our customers to take control of their energy needs as we work towards a low carbon future.

Strategic priorities

We have refreshed our strategic priorities to position Centrica to best advantage in a rapidly evolving energy world.

Innovate to drive service excellence and growth
  • Lead with great service and efficient operations
  • Enable our customers to control their energy use in a simpler, smarter way
  • Grow in selected markets, building on our leading capabilities
Integrate our natural gas business, linked to our core markets
  • Grow and diversify our exploration and production portfolio for value
  • Develop our midstream business to integrate along the gas value chain
  • Maintain a low carbon power hedge and invest where we see value
Increase our returns through efficiency and continued capital discipline
  • Further develop organisational capability
  • Continuously focus on safety
  • Deliver value to shareholders
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