BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies, providing their customers with energy for heat and light, lubricants for engines, and petrochemicals used to make everyday items.

BP’s businesses are organized to deliver the energy products and services people around the world need right now. By 2030, BP are aiming to scale up investment in low-carbon, focus oil and gas production and make headway on reducing emissions. Their new business model is more integrated and faces the energy transition head on, with a strong focus on operational excellence, so that their businesses are safe, reliable and efficient.

Technology underpins everything BP do – from operating safely and discovering and recovering more resources, to efficient conversion processes and creating lower-carbon products. Scientific skills underpin technological breakthroughs, and BP has thousands of scientists and technologists working across the world, with seven major technology centres in the US, UK and Germany.

Their innovation ecosystem also extends to academic institutions, commercial research partnerships and venturing.