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Bob Sorrell joins the NCUB team, 30th April 2021

Reversing the trend in youth unemployment is key to drive economic recovery, says NCUB, 20th April 2021

Government decision undermines our ambitions of becoming ‘scientific superpower’, says NCUB, 1st April 2021

Budget is a positive step towards becoming a ‘scientific superpower’, says NCUB, 3rd March 2021

Budget must accelerate youth employment, says NCUB, 23rd February 2021

Student Hardship Fund is a positive step forward to powering our recovery, says NCUB, 2nd February 2021

Nearly 90% of universities had to delay new innovation-driven projects in lockdown, according to survey of UK universities, 27th January 2021

Long-awaited further education White Paper is a positive step forward for universities and businesses alike, says NCUB, 21st January 2021

University-business partnerships increased pre-Covid, but its future is uncertain, NCUB’s new analysis shows, 14th December 2020

Government is putting its money where its mouth is for research, says NCUB, 25th November 2020

Nation’s recovery hinges on new R&D focused industrial strategy, according to business and university leaders, 13th November 2020

Urgent action is needed to reverse youth unemployment, says NCUB, 10th November 2020

New worrying unemployment figures must result in urgent Government action, says NCUB, 13th October 2020

Lifetime Skills Guarantee Scheme is a step in the right direction, says NCUB, 29th September 2020

More is needed to help youth employment, says NCUB, 24 September 2020

R&D Roadmap Taskforce initial membership announced 13 August 2020

Business role is critical to secure Government research ambition, says NCUB 13 August 2020

New innovation data sends worrying signals ahead of post-Covid recovery 30 July 2020

NCUB announced as strategic partner to new policy evidence unit 16 July 2020

Kickstart scheme a welcome step to help young people, says NCUB 8 July 2020

New ‘collaboration taskforce’ announced to aid economic recovery 7 July 2020

URKI’s flagship Strength in Places Fund 26 June 2020

Businesses and universities must work together to produce workforce of the future, says, NCUB 18 June 2020

Kick start the economy by investing in jobs and people 16 June 2020

NCUB statement on Black Lives Matter 15 June 2020

Latest ONS stats demonstrate need for increased collaboration between business and universities, says NCUB 4 June 2020

Women in engineering: year-on-year change remains stubbornly slow 6 November 2019

Recruit from a ‘reservoir of talent’ to tackle engineering skills shortages and improve diversity 8 July 2019

Celebrating the changemakers 19 June 2019


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