It was announced this morning that total funding of over £400 million has been brought together from government and industry funding to fund seven major new research and innovation projects across the UK.

The UK Research and Innovation’s Strength in Places Fund aims to support exciting research and innovation projects that will drive local economic growth. Projects announced today will receive a share of £186 million of government investment, with a further £230 million contribution from private firms and research institutions involved in the project consortia.

The programme invests in research and innovation activity led by consortia of research organisations, businesses and local leadership across the UK, in order to drive significant local economic growth in those areas, closing the gap between the rate of growth both in the area and nationally and to enhance local collaborations involving research and innovation.

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of the NCUB said: “We warmly welcome news of the first full stage awards from UKRI’s Strength in Places Fund. Each of the seven consortia projects identified will deliver long-term economic benefits to different parts of the nation. The programme funding will create thousands of jobs, generate new skills, and deliver more competitive and future-proofed sectors, across the UK. The excellence of our research base and innovation capability is a cornerstone of the UK economy, and now more than ever, we welcome this investment.”

“The Strength in Places Fund has been underway for some time, with initial seedcorn funding allocated to early-stage bids, and it is great to see full stage winners announced across the UK. Congratulations to our NCUB members: Cardiff University, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bristol and the University of Glasgow who were among those announced today as recipients of the programme. We look forward to hearing their progress, and seeing and supporting the impact these awards have across the UK.”