The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) warmly welcomes the student hardship fund, announced by the Government today.

Dr Joe Marshall, Chief Executive of the NCUB, said: “The Government’s Student Hardship Fund, announced today, is a significant and positive step forward. Universities’ support services are working around the clock and in exceptional circumstances to help students, but the Government has a role to play too. The Government has supported people and businesses throughout the pandemic. Today, it rightly recognised that many students – who are so important to our nation’s future and recovery – need public support too.”

Marshall concluded: “Whilst today’s announcement is undoubtedly a step in the right direction, I question whether the scheme goes far enough. The scale of the problem university students are facing in light of the Covid-19 pandemic requires drastic action, not just first aid measures. Today’s students are the future healthcare workers, teachers, engineers, innovators and researchers that will help to power the nation’s recovery and rejuvenation. Now is no time for complacency, and it is imperative that we support students in their time of need. We expect that further government intervention may well be needed in the coming months.”