The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) is working to boost collaboration in the design and delivery of future-facing higher education (HE).

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting market demands, the landscape of employment, and the associated workforce capabilities and skills, are continuously evolving.

In order to solve the workforce skills gap in the UK and equip business with the talent needed for the UK economy to thrive, we must start by equipping our workforce with future-facing and enduring skills.

Over the last three months, NCUB has engaged with policy makers, universities and businesses around the UK to explore approaches and barriers to collaboration when designing, developing and delivering future skills provision.

In a new report launching this Spring, NCUB will build the rationale for, and demonstrate innovative approaches to, co-development and delivery in future-skills provision.

Meeting the pace of change requires HE provision to be resilient to changing technologies and markets. From digital skills to teamwork and project management capabilities, adaptable enduring skills are vital for both UK businesses and student success.

National and local governments, employers and businesses, and all of the parts of our education system have a vital role to play. Across the UK, these players are rising to the challenge through collaborative consortia designed to build a stable supply of workforce skills.

This project builds evidence and recommendations designed to enable effective collaboration for future skills development. It forms models fit for the future, which bring together our community to create a transferable and adaptable workforce.

It will provide active implementation recommendations around developing and aligning a skills ecosystem, responding to the scale and pace of change, and in implementing new approaches.

To get involved or hear more, contact NCUB’s Policy Lead for Skills and Talent Danni Croucher.