Partnerships for the Planet: Cooperation for COP26 is the National Centre for Universities and Business’ (NCUB) latest addition to our showcasing series where we celebrate and share the best of NCUB member collaborations. In this edition, we showcase how collaborations between our universities and businesses are helping to meet COP26’s ambitious goals.

We can only rise to the challenges of climate change by working together. At a time of rising global temperatures and biodiversity loss, collaboration has never been more vital. COP26 is our last chance.

Around the world storms, floods and wildfires are intensifying. Air pollution is affecting the health of tens of millions of people, with the World Health Organisation estimating 4.2 million deaths a year are caused by exposure to it. What’s more, increasingly unpredictable weather is causing untold damage to homes and livelihoods.

We need to see action now. And net zero is too big a problem for a single institution to tackle on its own. Just as it’s critical that governments, businesses and civil society work to deliver COP 26’s climate goals, industry and academia have a vital part to play to solve this challenge.

The world is currently not on track to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees – the challenge ahead of us is monumental. The last 18 months have made clear what can be achieved when industry and academia work together. In this booklet, NCUB has collated collaboration case studies from across the country that demonstrate the contribution collaboration is making towards the COP26 goals. Read the booklet here.