The success of the industrial strategy, prospects for raising R&D investment in the UK and the health and wellbeing of the UK are all underpinned by outstanding research and innovation in businesses and universities across the country. That vital research and innovation is built on foundations provided by Research England.

NCUB Chief Executive, David Docherty said:

“Today’s announcement of funding for higher education institutions provides the combination of dynamism and stability that we need.”

He continued: “I am delighted that Research England have raised the overall level of QR funding. It is the bedrock for the entire research base, allowing universities the essential flexibility to explore the frontiers of knowledge, nurture emerging research talent and respond quickly to new opportunities for partnerships with businesses and charities.

“Substantial increases in funding for knowledge exchange provide vital support for such a wide range of interaction between businesses and universities. That funding supports research collaborations, professional development, sharing of equipment, problem solving and much more.

“This country is clearly one of the best places in the world for businesses to work with universities. That is reflected in the increasing number of global corporations choosing the UK as a place to invest in R&D. But competitors are snapping at our heels and increased knowledge exchange funding through HEIF along with strong support for research will help keep us in the lead.”

Notes for editors

About The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB)

Promoting business-university collaboration for a prosperous and inclusive economy

As a membership not-for-profit organisation, the National Centre brings together leaders from across higher education and business to tackle issues of shared interest.

Research England is part of the newly-created UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) working in partnership with the seven Research Councils and Innovate UK.

NCUB will shortly publish its annual ‘State of the Relationship’ report. Commissioned by Research England, this influential report demonstrates the value of university business collaboration, outlining specific projects across the UK, many of which are supported by UKRI funding.

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