This short film demonstrates some of the benefits that local high technology engineering company, Magnomatics, gained as a result of their ongoing partnership with the University of Sheffield. Initially a spin out from the University as a result of the groundbreaking research conducted by Professor Kais Atallah and Professor David Howe in the Electrical Machines & Drives research group, Magnomatics still retains strong links with the University through a number of collaborative projects.

Dave Latimer, Chief Executive Officer, Magnomatics – “Magnomatics is a high technology spin out, formed in 2006 from the University of Sheffield. We’re commercialising magnetic gears, so gears that use magnets instead of gear teeth. We have a number of collaborative projects which involve the University, a typical example of that is the EMMAS (Electro-Mechanical-Magnetic Actuator Systems) project which was originally identified by Kais Attalah in the Faculty of Engineering at the University.”

Professor Kais Atallah, Electronic and Electrical Engineering, the University of Sheffield – “The introduction of magnetic gearing allows electric motors to actually produce the required power and torque with half the size. To be able to achieve efficiency, in vehicles and in ships, you need to reduce size as much as you can and this technology has allowed that. As a company they don’t have all the expertise in house, so they always try to tap into the expertise at the University in terms of control or looking at things more in depth which often businesses can’t do because of the business constraints.”

Watch the film, or see the original article to read the transcript.