Lego Serious Play was introduced to me fairly recently and without being too much of a cynic, I wasn’t entirely convinced how the popular and best-selling toy for children and adults could work in a workplace and truly direct and inform better decision making?!

So, for me to better understand the concept, I took part in a facilitated LEGO Serious Play session. I was one of nine to play a part in a facilitated session building LEGO bricks with fun, engaging and informative briefs. (It is amazing what you can build with LEGO. As a warm up, we created animal shapes and I have to say, masterpieces were created from giraffes, elephants to pet dogs.)

My group got really involved in the session and the concentration in the room was epic with a sense of excitement when it came to reporting each design back to the team; we were asked to talk through our build and provide an overview of our reasoning. Every step of the way, the whole team felt involved. There were no right or wrong concepts and each person had the chance to get stuck in and share their opinions and thoughts.

Personally, I felt challenged and was made to think ‘out of the box’ with my builds and their logic and gradually, it was like a light was turned on when I realised what a novel and fun concept this was and that it was capable of helping businesses make the most of their assets, knowledge and staff and draw on these elements to make change.

LEGO Serious Play can help:

• Develop people
• Find better solutions
• Overcome resistance to change
• Improve decision making

So, I ask again – future or fad? For me, Lego Serious Play has a real place in business. Not only does it offer a unique, engaging and unusual way to run a workshop but it helps raise questions and debates, challenging businesses and identifying opportunities for improvements which otherwise may not be obvious to those working the daily grind and delivering.

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Katherine Hyde is a Marketing Officer at University of Hertfordshire.