Work Experience: support and materials

Work Experience: support and materials

WorkExperienceTileTo keep up with and thrive within the demands of a globalised economy, where successful business can emerge and grow, the UK needs to help young people develop the necessary skills for the jobs of the future. 

The National Centre is committed to developing graduate talent and champion ways to increase skills. Yet we’ve found that even when students do make it to university, gaps in the equality of opportunity remain. The research is clear: undergraduates with work experience are more likely to be employed, have increased confidence, attain better classifications of degree, and get a better job faster.

The benefits of work experience for employers is just as clear in enhancing talent supply and raising the business profile among graduates. A mismatch remains between over-supply (of placement opportunities) and low demand (in terms of student take-up). Other types of work experience, beyond year-long placements, with better flexibility, ensuring ease of access among those students who may not be as well-networked is needed.

Following our research, Sir Bill Wakeham’s Review, tasked us to find common definitions of work experience for employers and universities. We have invited all our business members to help influence future policy by encouraging them to share their views on work experience for this latest study. Please get in touch to participate or to find out more.

The links below offer insight into the current state of play on work experience as well as advice for students. Please contribute to the on-going conversation about work experience and get in touch:

For businesses and universities…

The well-tempered graduate and the power of work experience
The graduate attributes and characteristics needed for volatile markets in an uncertain world

Are we meeting the digital skills challenge?
The role that universities and business can play in counteracting the digital skills crisis

Reports from the National Centre…

Work experience as a gateway to talent in the UK – assessing business views
This report explores business practices and processes around their offers of work experience

Increasing the offer of work experience in STEM subjects – can demand match supply?
An evaluation of student participation in work experience, with emphasis on coverage, importance and effectiveness

Growing experience – a review of undergraduate placements in computer science
A look at the barriers in placement uptake – why supply exceeds demand in this particular discipline

If you’re a student…

New to uni but not ready to start thinking about your career yet?
How to enjoy the present at university while preparing for a future career

Five reasons to volunteer at university
Learn how valuable volunteering can be in boosting your career prospects

Reaping the rewards of a placement
A year out in industry has numerous benefits for your degree and future employment potential

Keele internship gets Mike’s career off to a healthy start
Discover how a stint on Keele’s internship programme led Mike to a job he loves

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