Food Hub Why Collaborate?


Collaboration can help your business by...

  • Securing the best talent

  • Gaining access to cutting edge research and technology

  • Exchanging ideas and industry best practice


Resources to help your business collaborate:

A Guide to Careers Skills Events

Use this guide to learn how to set up different types of careers skills events with any university

icon Guide to careers skills events

Finding a Guest Lecture

We detail the different methods you can use to find and fill guest lecture vacancies with universities

icon How to source a guest lecture

Guest Lecture Tips

Giving a guest lecture is both a science, and an art. See tips to make your lecture a success

icon Guest lecture tips

Guide to IABS

Industrial Advisory Boards or Panels are complex from the outside. Read our guide to understand more about their function and purpose

icon Guide to IABs

Internship Agreement

Download a sample contract to use when taking on student interns

icon Internship agreement

Guide to mentoring

Mentoring is a vital part of talent growth, and we’ve outlined exactly how the relationship should work, and what you need to do

icon Guide to mentoring

Placement Agreement

Download a sample contract between your firm, a student and their university when taking on a placement student

icon Placement agreement

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