NCUB Green Papers

NCUB Green Papers

NCUB Green Papers are think-pieces intended to foster debate and discussion.

Building on the platform of the NCUB blog, Green Papers allow experts to make longer and more in-depth arguments about the univeristy-business collaboration issues that are important to them. 

They do not commit the NCUB to action or reflect the views of the Leadership Council, members and funders.

1. Target 2030: Increasing female graduates working in MTEC

by Dr David Docherty, CEO, NCUB

Increasing the number of female graduates working in manufacturing, technology, engineering and computing (MTEC) Businesses are crying out for high-quality engineers, technicians and manufacturing business leaders, and yet firms are missing out on one the most important sources of talent in the country – smart, numerate, university-qualified women.

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2. Developing Exceptional Talent

by Michael Stevenson

Will the best global companies in the first half of the 21st century succeed by helping solve global problems? Do companies need to meet these challenges by acquiring and developing new expertise – new in nature and new in level? And if the answer to that question is yes, then what will be needed from higher education institutions – the propagation rooms of leadership development? This report summarises the outcome of preliminary research. Interviews were conducted with the HR Directors of eight companies (below), all international, and either headquartered in London or with major UK arms based in London. 

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