Food Economy Task Force Work Stream 3: Land Use

Food Economy Task Force Work Stream 3: Land Use

Steering GroupWork Stream 1: Talent / Work Stream 2: Science & Translation / Work Stream 3: Land Use

To answer the overarching question of the Task Force the Steering Group agreed that there were three important areas of focus, and recommended that specialist work streams be set up to look into these issues.

The work streams met regularly to delve deeper into issues and solutions, developing research questions and proposals, outputs, propositions, and insights that will be fed back to the Steering Group.

This work stream focused on the optimisation of sustainable land use, resources and pull through into innovation.

Professor Tim Benton
UK Champion for Global Food Security & Professor of Population Ecology
UK Global Food Security Programme and University of Leeds
Professor Peter Atkinson
Professor of Geography
University of Southampton
Professor James Bullock
Individual Merit Scientist
NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Dr Mike Bushell
Principal Scientific Adviser
Dr Paul Burrows
Director, Corporate Policy and Strategy
Professor Iain Gordon
CEO and Director
James Hutton Institute
Dr Andrea Graham
Head of Policy Services
National Farmers’ Union
Professor Jim Harris
Professor of Environmental Technology
Cranfield University
Dr Sarah Jackson
Head of Strategic Engagement - Defra
Met Office
Keith James
Special Adviser - Environmental Research
WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme)
Robert James
Technical Director
Thanet Earth Marketing
Stuart Lendrum
Head of Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing
Simon Miller
Managing Partner
Dr Diane Mitchell
Chief Environment Adviser
National Farmers’ Union
Professor Simon Potts
Director, Centre for Agri-Environmental Research
University of Reading
Professor Jules Pretty
Professor of Environment and Society and Deputy Vice-Chancellor
University of Essex
Laurence Smith
Senior Sustainability Researcher
The Organic Research Centre
Alan Wilson
Technical Manager
Waitrose Agronomy
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