Talent 2030 Dashboard

Talent 2030 Dashboard


What is the Talent 2030 Dashboard?
"WES is really proud to support this brilliant Talent 2030 Dashboard."
Dr Carol Marsh, President of the Women’s Engineering Society

The purpose of the Talent 2030 dashboard is to set out serious targets over a credible timeline which we will monitor every year from 2012 to 2030.

Failure to start improving the way in which girls and young women are encouraged to study subjects like physics, mathematics and engineering reduces the size of the talent pool and potentially jeopardises the international competitiveness of engineering and manufacturing in the UK.

What are the Targets?
"I support the National Centre for Universities and Business’ target of doubling the number of female engineering graduates by 2030." 
Prime Minister David Cameron at Prime Minister's Questions

By the year 2030:

  • 25% of Engineering and Technology postgraduates in the UK should be women 
  • 30% of Engineering and Technology undergraduates in the UK should be women
  • 30% of students studying A-Level Physics should be girls
  • 50% of students studying GCSE Physics should be girls

These targets have been developed through our research and are backed by the UK government. 


The Dashboard also tracks the number of female UK engineering professionals.


2018 Dashboard

talent 2030 2017 
Download the 2018 dashboard / Read the press release


2017 Dashboard

talent 2030 2017 
Download the 2017 dashboard


2016 Dashboard

Download the 2016 dashboard / Read the report.


2015 Dashboard

Talent Dashboard snap

Download the 2015 Dashboard / Read the report..

2014 Dashboard

2014 shows great progress at GCSE level but a disappointing decline at A Level and undergraduate.

Download the 2014 Dashboard / Read the 2014 Dashboard Report

Read the Press Release, including reaction from Professor Dame Julia King (Vice-Chancellor, Aston University) and Ann Dowling (President of the Royal Academy of Engineering) 

2013 Dashboard 

The 2013 dashboard shows a mixed picture, with an increase in female UK engineering professionals and physics GCSE students while progress towards undergraduate and A-Level targets have stalled.

Download the 2013 Dashboard / Read the 2013 Dashboard Report

2012 Dashboard

The first Talent 2030 Dashboard sets out our targets for women in engineering and manufacturing.

Download the 2012 Dashboard / Read the 2012 Dashboard Report

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