KTP – Queen’s University Belfast No1 in UK

KTP – Queen’s University Belfast No1 in UK
Bullivant Taranto Ltd has 20 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of a range of concrete products for the construction, water, marine and agricultural markets.

The company already had a niche market in eco-friendly concrete products and identified an opportunity to transform their production methods. The aim of the project was to optimise the design, testing and manufacturing process of concrete in the hope of reducing energy costs and minimising the environmental impact during production.

The KTP brought benefits to the company that were not anticipated when the project commenced. As part of an investment programme, a refurbishment and extension of the pre-cast concrete manufacturing facility was completed and utilised during the project. The Associate, Richard Morton, developed techniques which reduced waste and increased strength of Bullivant’s products. He also installed a new laboratory facility, introduced new products and generated significant cost savings.

Bullivant also obtained a patent for a new concrete pile joint, implemented a new analysis tool and enjoyed increased success in tendering as a direct result of better technical information. Additional benefits included a reduced carbon footprint, improved workforce, improved workforce efficiency and the introduction of quality standards and operating procedures which were implemented throughout the business.

Simon Bullivant, Managing Director of Bullivant Taranto Ltd, is enthusiastic about the impact KTP has had on his business. “The KTP has formed a key part of our company strategy – to develop the use of our manufacturing facilities to offer a wider range of products and to sell these into the larger UK market. We have used the economic climate to focus on the KTP in order to re-brand, re-educate and reposition our business for the future in preparation for when the industry begins to experience an upturn.”

Richard has been equally pleased with the outcomes of the KTP. “I was appointed as the KTP Associate with Bullivant Tarranto Ltd shortly after graduating in Civil Engineering in 2010. I benefitted from working in a real business, dealing with issues that I could see made a real difference. I had the added benefit of the Queen’s support network to turn to for guidance if I faced a problem.”

“Obviously I learnt a lot of technical details about concrete, but I also gained project management skills, and this practical work- based experience has made me more employable. They must have liked what I did, as Bullivant Taranto made the role permanent and offered me the job! Without the Queen’s KTP experience I would never have secured a role like this straight after graduation. In fact, this particular position might never have existed and the work I now do would have cost the company more and would have been managed outside of Northern Ireland.”

The University’s experience has also been positive. Five final year and two international ERASMUS student projects were completed and new international networking opportunities identified. Queen’s hosted an international workshop on self-compacting concrete and presented the KTP work at a number of conferences. Bullivant provided pre-stressed beams for a PhD research project and the University laboratories tested the company’s pile joints and slabs. The academic team were also invited to join an international Committee.

The Bullivant KTP has provided enormous success for all parties and the relationship between the company and the university is continues to grow.
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