Advanced tech boosts the oil and gas industry

Advanced tech boosts the oil and gas industry

Northumbria-SoR-IntroAdvanced manufacturing and technology development for the oil and gas industry.

Advanced manufacturing and engineering specialist Renown Oil and Gas has partnered with Northumbria University, Newcastle, to optimise the production of its offshore subsea components.

The collaboration is the third of its type between the two organisations and underlines the success of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs), which help businesses to innovate and grow. In this latest project, started in March 2015, Northumbria KTP Associate Lydia Chan aims to help Renown increase sales and turnover by increasing productivity of its marine offshore parts. She is based at the Renown Oil and Gas manufacturing plant in Washington, Tyne & Wear, and is supported by her university supervisor Dr Islam Shyha and on-site supervisor Dale Dryer.

Project objectives

Renown Oil and Gas – part of the Renown Group - has identified customer and market demand for cladding & machining of steel/nickel super alloy stacks, requiring robust processing and technology to prepare offshore marine parts for use in extreme environmental conditions. These expensive super alloys are currently challenging to obtain due to constrained cutting velocities which result in low productivity. Renown Oil and Gas is seeking to increase capability and capacity to fabricate these components for offshore marine applications and requires new documentation and certification capability to ensure compliance with international standards.

The project will evaluate and optimise key measures of the cladding process to generate bespoke cost models and enable Renown Oil & Gas to improve workflows, expand capacity, and consequently increase turnover with improved production rates. Renown expect to double turnover following project completion, which will deliver three main areas of improvement: reducing end-fitting manufacturing time, shortening lead times, and meeting rigorous surface finish/integrity requirements.

The KTP will assist the University of Northumbria in its strategic goals by improving its practical and research links with industry in a very competitive market, publishing a high quality paper in a leading international conference/journal (based on the proposed KTP project), and offering the opportunity to work on the application of ‘lab-based’ knowledge and techniques into a large-scale manufacturing/commercial setting.

The project’s achievements will be published at the University through case studies, on the MSc Mechanical Engineering course, in undergraduate and postgraduate projects, KTP seminars, research seminars, presentation lectures at the Faculty, at conferences/journals, and other academic routes for dissemination.

Lydia Chan, KTP Associate said:

“This opportunity is providing me with invaluable industrial experience. With the support of the Renown Group and Northumbria University I am able to build on the knowledge gained from my university degrees on a path to become an accomplished engineer. It is great that the KTP programme enables me to undertake professional training to complement my project work at Renown.”

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