Ensuring a strong talent pipeline for STV

Ensuring a strong talent pipeline for STV

STV's partnership with the University of Edinburgh Business School supports talent development and equips managers to pursue business goals, whilst fostering closer links with leading business thinkers to develop an innovative approach to executive education.

STV SoR IntroSTV is a broadcaster, digital media and television production company which holds the licences for Channel 3 in Central and North Scotland. STV worked in partnership with the University of Edinburgh Business School to design and deliver a leadership development programme to support future leaders in realising their potential and contribute to the transition of the business from traditional broadcaster to digital media company.

The successful corporate turnaround of STV became the subject of research by Professor Chris Carter, Professor of Strategy and Organization from the Business School. As STV achieved financial stability and pursued ambitious growth plans, a development programme was introduced to support staff in delivering the next phase of growth. To date, over 30 delegates from the management team have participated in a module entitled 'Leading the Business', delivered by Professors John Amis and Chris Carter, which provided an overview of issues of strategy and organisation as they relate to STV and the sector at large.

A feature of the programme is that STV's CEO and other executives and plc Board members work in close conjunction with the Business School to illustrate management theory in practice. Senior executives took part in dialogue sessions providing delegates with the opportunity to ask questions about a range of issues, from strategy through to analyst and investor relations. This dialogue provides a vista onto the challenges faced by the business and gives a reaffirmation of many of senior executives' leadership and organisational values. This innovative approach to executive education will produce a teaching case study for the Business School.

Professor Chris Carter said: "STV is a fascinating organisation, having transformed itself from the brink of collapse to a widely admired company at the cutting edge of developments in the media sector. There is much that Business Schools can learn from this turnaround. This innovative programme combines high end corporate insights with the latest thinking in management theory and the outcome, in my view, has been hugely satisfying from an educational point of view. Our positive experiences of working with STV have been an important source of innovation for us, especially in relation to the content and delivery of leadership development and executive education."

Professor Brad MacKay,Director of Engagement and Chair in Strategic Management said: "The interactions between the Edinburgh faculty, STV executives and delegates dispenses with the traditional boundaries between leaders and learners often found in executive education. It creates a genuine partnership that emphasises rediscovering the original entrepreneurial power to shape the organisation's future."

STV delegates agree, as one reflects, "The Business School team provided a fascinating insight into other organisations and to the ways in which the research undertaken at the Business School can benefit all businesses. This will have a positive effect on the way my colleagues and I will approach the future," Jacqueline Finnerty, Head of Operations. The collaboration has developed in other areas with senior executives from STV hosting sessions with the current Business School MBA cohort. The leadership development programme has also now been extended and, based on its success, an 'Emerging Leaders' programme is being designed.

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Ensuring a strong talent pipeline for STV

STV's partnership with the University of Edinburgh Business School supports talent development and equips managers to pursue business goals.

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