Proving that the battle against superbugs is being won

Proving that the battle against superbugs is being won

Cardiff-SoR-IntroBefore working with Cardiff University, GAMA had no in house laboratories and outsourced testing and development work to Professor Jean-Yves Maillard’s research group at Cardiff University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

The group’s research showed GAMA’s Clinell Sporicidal wipe products were superior to competitors, but GAMA wanted clinical proof that products were effective against the ‘superbug’, Clostridium Difficile.

GAMA needed the in-house capability to design and test new products in a clinical environment. To achieve this, a KTP was established to help GAMA explore how to perform Maillard’s 3-stage wipe efficacy test, and to set up and conduct clinical trials on the efficacy of GAMA’s wipe products against C.difficile.

A 2 year KTP grant was awarded by Innovate UK and Defra, enabling a KTP Associate, Microbiologist Harsha Siani, to work within GAMA, transferring academic knowledge and specialist expertise into a commercial setting.


  • New innovative knowledge in conducting clinical trials; ensuring all new products are backed-up with clinical data.
  • Wipe efficacy data published evidences that Clinell Sporicidal products are vastly superior over all competing wipes and directly led to conversion of 5 major NHS trusts to using the product and generated sales of over £200,000.
  • Technology embedded; enabling the development of next wipe technology platform.
  • R&D facility developed.
  • 16 new product formulas were generated culminating in the launch of 3 new products within 8 months of conception. The cost saving in terms of product testing amounts to at least £23,000 and these products are estimated to accrue over £1m in sales over the next 2 years.
  • One hospital moved its entire wet wipe use to GAMA and increased sales by £125,000 as a result of Harsha’s attendance at conferences.
  • Harsha spent time with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC), opening up further collaboration opportunities.


KTP project rated ‘outstanding’ by Innovate UK.
Business Innovation Prize and People’s Choice Award at Cardiff University’s Innovation and Impact awards.
Research and Development Award at the 2015 Insider Business and Education Partnership Awards.


Professor Jean-Yves Maillard: “Interaction with industry is crucial to optimise research application ‘in the real world’ and create impactful innovation - here, ensuring the product used as part of an infection control regimen in healthcare settings can make a difference and help infection control against troublesome pathogens.”

Guy Braverman, Director and Co-Founder of GAMA Healthcare: “Working with Cardiff University has enabled us to be an integral part of innovative research. We have enhanced our knowledge throughout the development of this research area and also practically, embedding capability that enables us to continue to produce innovative products and remain a UK market leader. We have developed a really strong working relationship with Professor Maillard and we are now planning ways to continue working together.”

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Proving that the battle against superbugs is being won

GAMA’s Clinell Sporicidal wipe products are superior to competitors, but GAMA wanted clinical proof that products were effective against the ‘superbug’.

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