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See also 'Deepening Partnerships' summary report and 'Knowledge Exchange in UK Universities' report.

A new survey of over 18,000 academics in the UK shows that the majority of academic researchers are committed to helping the British economy grow by engaging with business. UK academics agree or strongly agree that higher education has a key role in UK competitiveness, 30% actively work with private companies, and although basic research is vital, the bulk is user-inspired or applied.

The survey, the biggest of its kind, also showed that over half of the academics said working with outside partners influenced the way they shaped their teaching and almost a third that it increased the employability of their students.

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A Summary of ‘The Changing State of Knowledge Exchange:UK Academic Interactions with External Organisations 2005 -2015’ by Hughes, A., Lawson, C., Salter, A., Kitson, M. with Bullock, A. and R. Hughes. London: NCUB

Written By David Docherty

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This report draws upon a unique panel dataset to understand the extent, nature and persistence of academic engagement with external organisations in the UK.

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