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About the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has a proud history of working with industry and pioneering approaches to transform business since its inception in 1900. Established as the UK’s first civic university, our founder, Joseph Chamberlain, recognised the importance of university-business collaboration to drive society and the economy, share resources and knowledge, and make important things happen.

We’ve built on this tradition: from the establishment of the UK’s first business school, through to the eleven alumni and staff who have been awarded Nobel Prizes for their research. We have a truly global footprint, with staff and students from all continents and business partnerships across the world: from our new campus in Dubai; to India; Australia; South America; China; and the US. Through robust, bespoke and productive collaborations, the University is transforming how business interacts with academia.

Collaborate with us

The University of Birmingham has a dedicated Business Engagement team who develops and grows relationships with many commercial businesses, small and large. We identify challenges of mutual interest and introduce academia to companies in their area of research. We broker the development of project proposals and assist the set-up contracts for collaboration. Our support for business varies depending on the industry collaborator, academic or project - there are no standard approaches.

Our partnerships are far-reaching and diverse. Successful businesses are crucial for economic growth and we believe that by partnering with us we can help to grow and continue the success of your business.


Our five Colleges, 7,500 staff members, and leading-edge facilities can be accessed for:

  • Contract R&D;
  • Collaborative research projects;
  • Consultancy;
  • IP and licensing;
  • Equipment;
  • Business accommodation;
  • Degree apprenticeships;
  • and our world class graduates.

To learn more about the services we offer, and how to access them please visit our website.

Contact Us

We have an excellent team of enthusiastic Business Engagement Partners on hand to learn more about the challenges you are facing and help you to find a solution that will propel your business forward.



T: 0121 414 8635

Tw: @UoBBwB

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