Universities UK

Universities UK

Universities UK (UUK) is the representative organisation for the UK’s universities.

Founded in 1918, its mission is to be the definitive voice for all universities in the UK, providing high quality leadership and support to its members to promote a successful and diverse higher education sector.

With 133 members and offices in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh, it promotes the strength and success of UK universities nationally and internationally.

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Interview with Anne-May Janssen, Head of European Engagement, UUKi

Anne-May Janssen on maximising the Higher Education sector’s profile in Europe and supporting universities to thrive after Brexit.

University students, the Oscars and Gravity - how collaboration brought them together

Amy Smith of Framestore on university-business collaboration in the creative sector.

Universities and business: each are stronger when they work together

James Ransom of Universities UK explains the role policy play in improving university-business collaboration within the UK and the importance of such collaborations.