Mixed Economy Group

Mixed Economy Group

The Mixed Economy Group (MEG) of colleges represents those Further Education Colleges which have a significant, established, strategic and developmental role in the provision of Higher Education.

"Colleges offer value for money HE courses which are available locally and respond to the needs of employers."
John Widdowson

Member colleges focus on the complementary aims of widening participation amongst groups and individuals currently under-represented in Higher Education and working with employers to ensure that higher level skills are developed and recognised in the workplace.

Statement of Aims

MEG is committed to:

  • Promoting the value of vocational Higher Education in raising the aspirations of individuals and meeting the skills needs of the economy
  • Influencing the development of national policy with regards to HE delivered in FE
  • Using Foundation Degree Awarding Powers (FDAP) as a vehicle to continue to raise the high standard of HE delivered in FE, through focused scholarly activity and organisational change
  • Supporting member colleges in the strategic development and delivery of HE in FE
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to develop and deliver high quality, innovative approaches to Higher Education
  • Sharing data and good practice
  • Seeking and implementing new markets with employers for the development of higher-level skills within the locality
  • Promoting higher-level employability skills
  • Widening participation amongst groups currently underrepresented in Higher Education

In seeking to achieve the above, MEG colleges have a focus on the delivery of higher level vocational skills. This is seen in the heavy commitment to qualifications which link the colleges with their local employers. The ability to gain FD Awarding Powers consolidates this focus, enabling greater control of the means to meet employer need.

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Take-aways from the 2018 MEG Survey on Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

The MEG survey set out to capture the views of 17 MEG members and one non-MEG member concerning the delivery of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

Innovation in the Curriculum

New College Durham and Business Durham worked in partnership to develop a new level 5 module titled Innovation, Idea Generation and Enterprise.

Higher Apprenticeships - the benefits of collaborations

In 2014/2015 New College Durham made a strategic decision to strengthen its higher education portfolio to include Higher Apprenticeships. Working with employers to identify and educate.