We are a registered charity and champion the use of digital technologies in UK education and research.

Jisc’s vision is to make the UK the most digitally advanced education and research nation in the world. This involves empowering those in tertiary education and skills sectors with optimum connectivity and content through the innovative use of digital technologies. 

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Can technology help bridge the gap between study and employment?

Within universities, strengthening links with industry has made undergraduate study more relevant and meaningful while also helping young people develop contacts in their chosen sector.

Iceland’s energy powers cheaper and greener scientific research

A collaboration between Jisc and Verne Global to provide access to data centres in Iceland is delivering many benefits to the research community.

Superfast broadband supports space research

UK space industry and space science boosted with collaboration between Jisc and Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd to transform connectivity.

VIRTUS joins forces with Jisc to drive UK education and research forward

VIRTUS Data Centres (VIRTUS) announces the latest members to have joined the first national shared data centre for research and education, offered by digital services and solutions organisation Jisc.

Leveraging world-class connectivity and equipment to support Rolls-Royce R&D

Through an agreement with Jisc, Rolls-Royce is leveraging the world-leading Janet network and getting access to the latest technology equipment and infrastructure.