Coventry University

Coventry University

Coventry University is one of the top universities for working with business and are proud to be seen as a ‘business facing’ university.

We have invested heavily in providing support to organisations of varying sizes in a number of sectors both regionally and nationally. Support ranges from assisting new start-ups to working with established large enterprises, including access to incubator and high-tech office space and support in our Technology Park.

Practical advice, grants and services

Coventry University has an extensive range of programmes, grants and services that can help your business survive and grow in the West Midlands.

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Placement students provide business benefit

Coventry University students have shown the value of placements to business by working with a science and technology firm on innovative solutions.

Changing the graduate landscape for industry

Dr Carl Perrin explains how Coventry University and Unipart Manufacturing are creating a 'Faculty on the Factory Floor'.

Partnership with Unipart Manufacturing Group to develop the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

The local manufacturing and engineering sector suffers skills shortages and to overcome this, the LEP set a target of 5,000 new or unskilled engineers by 2015.