Pearson and the Cambridge Service Alliance

Pearson and the Cambridge Service Alliance

In 2013, Pearson became the exclusive corporate learning partner of the Cambridge Service Alliance, a global alliance between leading businesses and universities at the University of Cambridge.

The Service Alliance focuses on developing new understanding and enabling more effective approaches to delivering complex service services like education.

Pearson works with Cambridge and leading global services businesses to identify and co-develop new models that will help our schools and universities to improve student success and institutional effectiveness. Our work has included support of research and practice in business model innovation; service performance information; and service and support engineering.

• Pearson co-developed a capability assessment for business model innovation with the Service Alliance and its industry partners, and applied it internally to help us identify, benchmark and improve the key capabilities that will best enable us to help our academic partners.

• Effectively addressing challenges like improving students’ career readiness is not done alone, but requires an ecosystem of partners and stakeholders. Pearson has supported groundbreaking research on urban ecosystems to provide stakeholders in education ecosystems with the tools and frameworks to coordinate towards greater effectiveness.

• Pearson is leading a joint initiative with the Service Alliance and multiple higher education partners to explore the effective application and capture of data by multiple internal stakeholders in the university.
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